Councillor apologises for Gazette mock-up

by Gazette Reporter

Dublin Gazette newspapers were at the centre of a political storm this week when a Fine Gael politician, Cllr John Bailey, produced a mock up version of the Dun Laoghaire Gazette which promoted himself among his constituents.
Cllr Bailey personally delivered a leaflet with a mock-up of the newspaper to the homes of around 300 people.
The mocked up version of the paper contained several changes to a story about Amgen and the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) in Dun Laoghaire including putting a banner across the story reading Bailey – The Local Man Putting People First.
All of the changes put Cllr Bailey in the best possible relief and made it appear that The Gazette brand politically endorsed Cllr Bailey.
The Gazette are happy to clarify that this is not – and never has been – the case.
When initially contacted by The Gazette and made aware that this practice represents breach of copyright, Cllr Bailey stopped distribution of the leaflets. However many of them had already been posted to his constituents.
Cllr Bailey said: “I printed it [the mock up] on the back of my leaflet.  I always try to promote the paper and I don’t see what the big deal is.”
When questioned about whether Fine Gael headquarters was aware of his activities in this regard, Cllr Bailey said: “No, they did not know.  It’s up to me what I do on the ground.  I wasn’t aware of it [breach of copyright] when I made the leaflets but when I was aware I withdrew it immediately.  I absolutely apologise unreservedly for any trouble caused.  I have no problem with apologising.”
A resident, who received the material from Cllr Bailey said: “I find this, to say the least, distasteful as it is disrespectful… and a misrepresentation of the event.”
In a statement to The Gazette, Fine Gael party headquarters said: “The images and content featured on leaflets distributed by Cllr John Bailey were not sourced, conceived or conceptualised by Fine Gael.
“Cllr Bailey acted on his own volition with regard to this matter.
“Our understanding is that Cllr Bailey has ceased distribution of this literature and has apologised unreservedly to Dublin Gazette Newspaper. The distribution of this type of literature is not something Fine Gael would condone or support.”

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