Council refuses to let parents use car park

by Alen McMahon

Parents of students who attend Stepaside Educate Together and Gealscoile Sliabh Rua national schools have expressed their anger at not being permitted to park in a nearby car park.
According to local councillor Chris Curran (SF), there is “parking chaos” outside the school every day. He proposed that the parents be permitted to use the “under-used” car park of the nearby Samuel Beckett Civic Centre.
Parents are asking that they be allowed to park there for free for 15 minutes while picking up and dropping off their children. However, the council have refused the request.
Cllr Curran has criticised the “red tape” preventing an easy solution to the traffic and parking gridlock. Speaking to The Gazette, he said: “A few months ago, I was approached by local residents, as well as by parents and staff from Ballyogan Road’s Educate Together and Gealscoile Sliabh Rua national schools, drawing my attention to the congestion problem outside the schools.
“Sinn Fein proposed a motion to provide 15 minutes of free parking to enable parents to use the car park as an overflow to the school.
“The motion was openly supported by the other local councillors.
“Yet the council informed us that even if the motion were passed, it would not implement a perfectly good idea that would resolve the issue almost straight away. The council have three reasons – none of which I accept.”
“The first reason given by the council is that there wouldn’t be sufficient human resources to raise the barrier at the car park.” However, Cllr Curran argued that the barriers can be programmed to allow for free parking for 15 minutes.
Secondly, the council asked if the schools could stagger their opening times to relieve congestion, which Cllr Curran dismissed as ridiculous. Finally, the council said that the car park could not be used for this purpose because it’s original intended use is to facilitate the Samuel Beckett Civic Campus.
The council told The Gazette that they have no further comment to make.

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