Council to probe claims that traffic warden ‘made fun of’ deaf motorist

by Emma Nolan

THE council have responded to an incident in Ballybrack last week where a deaf man’s speech was allegedly mocked by a DLR traffic warden.
A Ballybrack resident posted a video on social media where he can be seen arguing with the DLR traffic warden over a fine. A heated exchange ensues, during which the employee can be allegedly be heard mocking the deaf man’s speech.
The Gazette reached out to the man but did not get a response at the time of going to print.
Writing on Facebook, he said he was very upset by the traffic warden’s behaviour.
“This has really upset me, it’s been a long time since someone has made fun of my speech cause I’m deaf,” he posted.
“I think it’s a disgrace that an employee of this company, a grown man treating a person with a disability like this is disgusting.”
The video has been viewed over 300,000 times on Facebook, with many people expressing outrage that a council employee would mock someone’s disability.
DLR Parking Services are a private company that are contracted by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (DLRCC) to ensure adherence to parking bye-laws in the DLR area.
It is believed that the row erupted over a parking fine.
DLRCC confirmed that they are aware of the incident.
A spokesperson said: “DLRCC are aware of an incident between a traffic warden employed by DLR parking services and a member of the public that occurred on Friday, June 23, and a number of subsequent postings on social media that references this incident.
“DLR parking services have advised that a vehicle was illegally parked in a disabled bay without a disabled bay permit and consequently a parking ticket was issued.
“DLR parking services have advised DLRCC that they have undertaken an immediate internal investigation into the matter.
“DLRCC is committed to ensuring that all members of the community, whether residing or working in it, should be treated with respect and dignity.”

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