Council pays out €1.8m in claims

by Staff Reporter

ALMOST €2m in public liability claims was paid out by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council in 2013 – a jump of almost €1m from the previous year.
The council paid out €1,838,958 in 2013, compared to €915,958 paid out in 2012. The council’s insurance department revealed there were 220 claims in 2013. A further 120 public liability claims are not settled, as yet.
According to the council, the number of claims settled in any year can vary, and this can be for a variety of reasons, such as court availability dates, witness availability, outstanding requested reports and how long Personal Injuries Assessment Board reports take.
The council also issued employers’ liability figures which related to claims made by employees of the council. Of 21 claims made by council employees for 2013, 16 had been settled, to date, at a cost of €129,849.
A council spokesperson said the figures reflect the numbers of claims and the cost of claims awarded for all public liability and employer liability claims, and are not restricted to any type of claim.
The spokesperson said: “The figures provided by the council’s insurers reflect the total number of public liability cases settled in 2013.
“[Such] claims would include several causality types, such as property damage, trip and fall (in both roadway and public spaces, etc) among others. The figures provided have not been restricted to any particular causality type.
“The council would consider that the number of claims received in a year is of greater significance, and reflective of the effectiveness of council risk management policies.
“The council engages in risk management, whereby potential risks are identified and corrective action is scheduled.
“This proactive approach, it is anticipated, will reduce the incidence of claims made against this council.”

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