Call to freeze Luas fares over ‘poor service’

by Rebecca Ryan
Dublin Rathdown based Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond is calling for Luas to freeze their fares for at least a year to make up for “poor service”

There are calls for Luas to freeze their fares for at least a year to make up for “poor service”.

Dublin Rathdown based Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond said the quality of service has been appalling.

“Over the past number of months, the roughly 100,000 daily LUAS users have had to put up with an appalling level of service.

“Delays, stoppages, overcrowding and a plethora of other disruptions have left commuters understandably vexed, with minimal sympathy from LUAS operators Transdev.

“Things had got so bad that many commuters on the green line were forced to take the LUAS a number of stops out of town in the mornings in order to guarantee they would get on a tram heading into the city centre.

“Regular delays and stoppages saw many commuters at stops such as Glencairn and Leopardstown Valley stranded for periods of up to 30 minutes with no information or guidance from LUAS.

“Longer trams and changes to the frequency have started to alleviate some of the problems but the service is still wanting.”

The local Senator is calling for the LUAS fares not to increase.

He said: “As it stands, LUAS fares are already quite high and heretofore that has been tolerable in return for a decent level of service.

“The past number of months has left many regular LUAS users questioning if the poor service merited such fares.

“It seems only right therefore that commuters should be shown a level of respect and understanding from LUAS for having to put up with such poor service.

“I am calling on LUAS operators Transdev to undertake to freeze fares for at least the next 12 months.”

A National Transport Authority spokesperson told Dublin Gazette: “We will publish our next Fare Determination for all Public Service Obligation (PSO) services including train, bus and tram, by the end of October with new fares to take effect in December.

“All relevant factors will be taken into consideration when making that determination.”

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