Call for major civic space in Dundrum village

by Rebecca Ryan
Launch of booklet Main Street: A History of the Heart of Dundrum” in Holy Cross Parish Hall, Dundrum

There is a call for a major civic space in Dundrum Village.

Minister for Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan launched a historical booklet “Main Street: A History of the Heart of Dundrum” last week written by local historian John Lennon with Imagine Dundrum in Holy Cross Parish Hall, Dundrum.

Speaking at the event, the Minister said a community centre needs to be part of the future development of the village.

“There’s such a huge density of population in Dundrum. I want to see some sort of civic space. We want somewhere where people can have their cultural activities, community groups, for children, for elderly people, and to bring people together and to be able to congregate, because there really is no space that exists in Dundrum for that.”

She said it is important to keep the village feel as part of the Town Centre’s Phase II plans.

“Dundrum is not just a shopping centre, it is a community with its own history, heritage and culture that must not only be retained but nourished and celebrated.

“We need to continue engaging with all the stakeholders to ensure that the community is placed front and centre of the development of Dundrum village. Dundrum Main Street must remain the ‘Heart of Dundrum’.

“Having seen many other towns across Ireland and across Europe, I think it is clear that Dundrum needs a dedicated civic space.”

 Minister Josepha Madigan with John Lennon

Minister Josepha Madigan with John Lennon

The launch of the “Main Street: A History of the Heart of Dundrum” booklet was jam packed. The hall was overflowing, with many people standing as there were not enough seats to meet the demand.

“It showed that locals are genuinely concerned about future developments of the village.

Dublin Gazette spoke to locals about what they are worried about most.

Brian Manners said: “I suppose that the main character being taken away and it becoming over developed, because its more valuable just to build build build.”

John Galway said he is worried about: “The whole village being turned into high-rise.”

His wife Lucinda said: “It would be lovely to have a civic spot down at the old shopping centre.”

Ethna Lennon, the daughter of John said: “I feel it would be definitely be worth preserving as an entity. There are enough shopping centres and it’s worth keeping the history.

Chairperson for Imagine Dundrum Anne Colgan said they made a submission to the council aiming to protect the area.

“We have submitted an application to have the Main Street designated as a Architectural Conservation Area.  It means anyone who is attempting to build there has much stricter rules governing what they can do in the area.”

Property developer Hammerson said: “Hammerson is currently developing a long-term strategy for Dundrum Main Street and the old shopping centre. Hammerson’s development approach is guided by a set of core principles that include quality design, place making, respect for local heritage, sustainability, and community. As part of this, Hammerson will engage with relevant stakeholders as the strategy develops.”


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