Locals shocked as two loved businesses shut shop

by Rebecca Ryan

Locals in Cabinteely are shocked as two loved businesses in the village have shut shop in the space of one week.

Dandelion Hair Salon closed their doors over Christmas and thanked the locals for their custom over the years.

“Sorry to be sharing this news, as staff members of Dandelion we are only after finding out this news ourselves this morning. Thank you to everyone for their custom over the years it has all been really appreciated,” said the Dandelion staff.

Las Tapas in the village also closed its doors the same week. Local Facebook page Cabinteely Life shared the news with the community and said of the restaurant: “Their Greystones branch will remain open. Sad to see another restaurant close in the Cabinteely area in recent weeks.”

Many locals expressed their sadness of the news online.

Speaking of Dandelion Hair Salon closing, one customer wrote: “Ah my hairdresser for years. So sad for Ger and staff. Where will I go now for the same quality of service?”

While another wrote: “I go there all the time, great salon. They were only doing the place up again inside. That’s a real pity.”

Reacting to the closure of Las Tapas, one customer said: “Such a loss! Wonderful staff couldn’t [have] asked for better! Went there at least once a week.”

While another commented: “Very sorry to hear that Las Tapas has closed down, I’m very surprised, we loved it.”

Some locals raised the issue of poor parking in the village saying that parking is “impossible.”

One wrote: “So sad to see so many business premises closing. Pickles Cafe, beside Tesco Express in the Park Shopping Centre also closed before Christmas. The parking situation in Cabinteely Village cannot be a help.”

Another wrote: “Very hard for business people when there is not enough parking spaces and it has to be paid for.”

While another admitted: “I’d go to Cabinteely more often but [the] lack of parking is really off putting!”

Pickles Cafe also closed its doors the week before Christmas.

Dublin Gazette contacted Dandelion Hair Salon and Las Tapas for comment but have received no response.

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