Bulloch Harbour plans run into choppy water

by Emma Nolan

LOCALS are outraged by plans to redevelop Bulloch Harbour in Dalkey.
Developers, Bantra Property LTD, applied for planning permission to build a mixed-use marine commercial, leisure, community and residential development.
The major renovation would completely transform the area if approved; however, local residents say that the plans would destroy the existing “beautiful and precious” harbour.
Bantra Property LTD is a company owned by property developer Richard Barrett, formerly of Treasury Holdings.
Speaking to Dublin Live, one resident said: “How dare you destroy history for a quick buck. How dare you rampage over our lives with your greed.
“I plan to camp out to stop this monstrosity and any more destruction of our beautiful places. We have a few left, a few.”
The impact of storms and high waves on the area is another point being raised by residents.
“Will anyone tell the prospective buyers about the seasonal storms that hit this harbour regularly? Waves of more than 30 or 40 feet crash over the rocks.
“Will owners be able to get their houses insured? And if they get insurance once, then a storm hits, what then?”
Deputy Richard Boyd-Barrett (PBP) said he plans to campaign vigorously against the plans which if approved, will include a harbour cafe, marine shop, a water sports facility and a clubhouse and three more residential units will be built that include roof terraces and parking.
“Bulloch Harbour is a unique local heritage site and a vital public amenity. The proposed development would fundamentally and negatively impact on the heritage and amenity importance of the harbour,” he said.
He added that Bulloch is a “unique, local public space that should not be used by private developers simply for the purposes of making profits or for a development that will fundamentally undermine the harbour as a public amenity area”.
The developers say that the development will have a “positive visual impact at Bulloch Harbour”.
Deputy Boyd-Barrett also criticised the developers for not including any social housing in the plans. He said: “It’s a bit stomach-churning that these developers, whose greed helped ruin this country, are now back profiteering from a public amenity harbour and they don’t want to give even a small portion of it for social housing.”

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