Hero praised for recovering cash Killiney man accidentally threw away

by Rebecca Ryan

One man in Killiney is breathing a sigh of relief, after money he accidently threw away in the bin was recovered.

On Thursday, September 26, Cathal Kelly was at his leaving party in town when his colleagues gave him a lovely card with a “few bob” inside for him.

The next morning, the drama unfolded. On his way into work for his last day, he put the crumpled envelope from the previous night from his pocket into the bin outside Glenageary Dart Station.

When he got to work in Dublin 4, he realised the envelope contained the sum of money from his colleagues.

Shocked, Cathal rang the council to tell them what had happened. Shortly after Cathal received a call from council worker, David Rice with some good news, the bins had not yet been emptied and he was able to recover the envelope.

“Mr Rice had driven out to the bin, unlocked it, stuck his hands inside, rummaged around and found my envelope – which I imagine would have been a fairly mouldy looking envelope at this stage,” told Cathal to Dublin Gazette.

Mr Rice went out of his way and dropped the envelope to his house. Cathal offered Mr Rice “twenty bucks from the envelope as a thank you” but “he wouldn’t hear of it”.

“I live in Killiney, over a mile away. The fact that this person went out of his way to go through a bin full of rubbish for me – a stranger – and then have the generosity of spirit to drop it to my house – well, I just haven’t encountered that level of decency in a long time.”

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