92% of DLR pays property charge

by Staff Reporter

FIGURES released nationally, in relation to payment of the local property tax (LPT), have revealed that the rate of compliance in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown is the highest in the country at 92%.

DLR shares the top compliance spot with North and South Tipperary. However, the amount of money collected differs drastically with total payments from DLR to date at €17,758,228, in contrast to North and South Tipperary who paid €4,530,428 collectively.

Homeowners in the county who have yet to pay their LPT will be issued with a letter from Revenue. They will then have seven days from the date of the letter to pay online or the estimate will be deducted from their salaries or social welfare payments.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett commented: “It’s not surprising given the draconian and bullying tactics used by the Government to enforce this unjust austerity tax. However, it doesn’t mean there is not huge anger against this tax and the failed policy of austerity.”

Revenue chairman Josephine Feehily said: “Successfully implementing the full range of payment options was the final piece in the voluntary phase of local property tax. The contribution of compliant property owners and taxpayers to the successful implementation of this tax has been really remarkable. Revenue owes it to them to have an equally successful compliance campaign in respect of those who did not engage and this is now underway.”

The €175 million (national LPT compliance of 89%) collected nationwide will now be placed into the Exchequer’s central fund as a transitional measure.

From 2014 onward, LPT funds will be paid directly into the local government fund, with 80% being retained in the local authority in which it was raised.

As Cllr Richard Humphreys (Lab) explained: “The LPT became effective in July 2013, long after the Department of Environment had already allocated this year’s funds to local authorities to pay for local services.

“Therefore it is not possible in 2013 for the LPT to directly pay for those services, but the LPT will pay indirectly for the services this year in that the money goes back to the Exchequer from which the funding was originally provided.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Gerry Horkan (FF) wants to write to Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to complain about the high property tax in the county.

“Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown homeowners are burdened with the highest property taxes per household in the country.

“I had a motion passed at the last council meeting agreeing that we write to the Minister for Finance pointing out DLR is more severely hit by this tax than anywhere else in the country and asking that other fairer ways of levying the tax be investigated,” he said.

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