Cyclist warns overgrown hedging a deathtrap

by Rebecca Ryan

“One of these days a cyclist will be killed,” warned a local about overgrown hedging in Churchtown.

Brian Langsdorf from Rathfarnham cycles regularly to the Luas stop at Windy Arbour.

On his way he passes the junction of upper and lower Churchtown Road and told Dublin Gazette he encounters a seriously dangerous stretch of road due to overgrown hedging.

“There are four houses who’s hedging are never cut.

“In fact, the hedge is over growing the road by two feet. One of these days a cyclist will be killed on this stretch of road.

“Lots of students on the way to Belfield pass along here every day. I have complained to the council [and to] the guards, all to no avail.”

Last year TD for Dublin Rathdown Catherine Martin contacted the council about the issue which was dealt with. However, the hedging has regrown since.

The Green Party Deputy Leader told Dublin Gazette: “Several residents have raised with me the issue of uncut hedges affecting cyclists along the stretch of Lower Churchtown Road between the junction with the Churchtown Road and the entrance to Flemingstown Park.

“These hedges are particularly hazardous for cyclists travelling north along the road where there is no footpath, and they also impact the drainage as the drains are buried and obscured by the hedges.

“I made a request to the Council last year in relation to the same issue on this stretch, and the Council dealt with this promptly.

“I have written to the Council again this month asking them to ensure these hedges are cut back as soon as possible “

Local Minister Ross said: “I have asked Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to look into the issue of cutting back the hedges in question so as to ensure a safer journey for cyclists using this road.

“The overgrown hedges currently have the effect of forcing cyclists further into the middle of the road as they around the corner.”

Cathaoirleach of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Shay Brennan said the residents should also be mindful of their foliage impacting public safety.

“The council will notify residents where there is a need for them to trim trees or hedges on their property that protrude onto public lands in a way that causes hazard or obstruction. The council may then directly intervene if no action is taken by the resident.

“In this specific case, I believe that the hedges were cut back last year following notification from the council, but it may be the case that they have since grown again.

“It is important that residents remain mindful of where their foliage may impact on public safety and remedy accordingly.”

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council told Dublin Gazette that a hedge cutting notice will be issued to the property owner.

“The Councils Roads Inspector is aware of the issue and has inspected the area.

“A Hedge Cutting Notice will be issued to the property owner in question in line with Council Policy –”

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