150 youths ‘laid siege’ to quiet Stepaside estates

by Emma Nolan

The Stepaside Park resident explained that the youths, who were all aged around 15 and 16, were “lighting rockets and fireworks and holding them in their hands, then throwing them at bunches of people and at houses”.
He added: “They were terrorising us – it was off the Richter scale, it was bananas.”
The resident, who has young children, said how he experienced some of the violence first-hand when trying to prevent fireworks being thrown at his home.
Arrests were made on the night, and it is believed that the teenagers were from “all over”, including Dundrum, Ballinteer, Ballyogan Road and Stepaside.
Sources revealed to The Gazette that some of them attend St Benildus College in Stillorgan.
“They caused mayhem, to the point that parents had to take their children in off the street,” said resident said.
He also said that his own eight-year-old son was “terrified”, and “never wants to it to be Halloween again”.
“It was absolute chaos. Local children were just going trick or treating with their mams and dads, and then this mayhem just went on.”
Another local resident told how he saw a local mother of young children surrounded by 25 teenagers.
“She was asking them to keep down the noise level. I approached the lady to assist, and the gang turned on me and became very abusive,” he said.
“A house was then attacked with rockets and bangers that evening.”
Large numbers of gardai, some with shields, arrived at the scene and removed some of the youths that were caught.
There is real concern amongst residents that this is only the beginning, and that matters will worsen in the coming months.
Another resident added: “Children are now worried about being harrassed as they walk in the area and, as an adult, I’m concerned that if I confront these individuals and it escalates, I’ll be in the wrong.”

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