‘Slow Down in Estates’ campaign is needed

by Padraig Conlon

Local Cllr Lettie Mc Carthy (Lab) is determined to start a ‘Slow Down in Estates’ campaign which she believes is achievable.

She said: “Of course lots of issues were raised during the local elections campaign, including climate change, environmental issues, over development in our area, public transport, traffic, lack of school places, need for more playgrounds, dog parks and bins but the no 1 issue raised was speeding in estates and drivers breaking lights.

“Almost every young family raised the issue of drivers not slowing down and taking due care driving through estates. Every estate needs ramps and traffic calming in the interest of keeping their children safe.

“Many residents said that speeding is worse during school run journeys, which is so ironic as these drivers are most likely, parents or child minders.

“We need to ask ourselves do we really need our estates littered with signs to remind us that children may be playing in the streets?

“Given the small gardens afforded to most homes and minimum amount of green/open space allocated to apartments, it is hardly surprising that children will be playing in front of their homes.

“I am asking drivers to join me in making a conscious effort to slow down when driving through estates in the interest of child safety.”

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