Residents warned about car thieves in area

by Rebecca Ryan

Residents are being warned of “car thieves about” in the Shankill area.

Local, Michael Foley alerted others after both his car and his neighbour’s car was broken into last Friday.

He wrote on Facebook community page Shankill Open Forum: “Car thieves about. A neighbour’s car and my own were broken into last night in Dorney Court.

“We both had left them unlocked (I know, I know).

“They stole some loose change and a child’s jacket from my neighbour’s car.

“So, make sure you lock your car and if you spot anything suspicious let the gardai know.”

Others in the area reported break-ins on the same night, with one local saying she caught a perpetrator on their video doorbell as he tried to steal their car and their neighbour’s car.

Gardai’s advice on keeping your car secure include; making sure all windows are closed and doors are locked, set an alarm, do not leave property on view inside your vehicle, avoid parking in isolated places and at night-time park in a well-lit area.

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