Local mother moves to assure ‘very upset’ driver: My boy is ok

by Rebecca Ryan
Shankill village. Image: Google Maps

A Shankill mother whose little boy ran out in front of a car last Friday in the village, wants to get a message to the driver that her son is ok.

Describing what happened, Kelly Cowley said: “My little boy ran out on front of a car earlier on today outside the post office in Shankill village.

“The lady that was driving was very upset, but my boyfriend just wanted to get my son to hospital and picked him up and drove off.

“I was just hoping by chance if anyone knows the lady to let her know it wasn’t her fault and he wasn’t seriously hurt, just cuts and bruises.

“I know she would probably be up the walls over it but there was no harm done. Hopefully you see this.”

Thinking of the driver, Kelly added: “It wasn’t her fault at all but all the same if it was me, I’d be worrying like mad. I just hope she’s ok.”

Some locals commented that they saw the woman driver after the incident and said that she was “very upset”.

One wrote: “So glad your little boy is ok. I was in the hairdressers and the lady who knocked him down came in.

“She was in an awful state. Hope she sees your message to know he’s ok.”

While another commented: “I saw her outside the salon with two girls that worked there. She did seem very upset. Fingers crossed she sees this…”

Many praise Kelly for thinking about the lady driver.

“Very nice of you to be thinking of this woman. Hope she sees this. Glad all is ok,” said one woman online.

“You are so kind to think of this poor lady and so delighted your little man is ok…” said another.

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