Senator Lynn Ruane to discuss the importance of female role models at free webinar to mark International Women’s Day

by Gazette Reporter

Irish psychologists Perspectives Ireland will host a free webinar with special guest Senator Lynn Ruane on International Women’s Day this coming Monday 8th March.

Senator Lynn Ruane will be a special guest on the webinar next Monday 8th March 2021

With a combined 30 years of experience under their belts, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Ciara McEnteggart have invited Senator Lynn Ruane to join them and talk about life lessons, what advice she’d give her younger self, and the many challenges and obstacles women face daily. 

Yvonne Barnes-Holmes said: “For International Women’s Day, we wanted to speak to a woman of real national significance who is an authentic role model for women of all ages and in all circumstances. Senator Lynn Ruane is a beacon of hope and strength for all Irish women and she is living proof that we can achieve what matters most to us.”

Ciara McEnteggart said;

“Confidence very often comes from outside factors as well as from the inside. None of us are born with confidence, it is something we acquire and learn from the people around us. But many women, in all circumstances, still lack confidence in themselves. Women face many challenges in their home lives from money to promotion and recognition, and this significantly obstructs opportunities for self-progression and achievement. We hope those who join the webinar will take away something that helps them grow their confidence and do what they’ve always wanted.”

Speaking ahead of the webinar, Senator Lynn Ruane said;

“International Women’s Day is such an important day for women to reflect on their success and strength, and for women’s voices to be amplified. I have worked with, been helped by, and am inspired every day by the women in my life. I’m looking forward to joining Perspectives Ireland for this special webinar to share my experience and hopefully inspire some women to find their strength at such a challenging time for everyone.”

Perspectives Ireland has the following advice for women all over Ireland to have the confidence to follow their dreams:

  1. Get the confidence to achieve from female role models. It is important to look around your environment and identify female role models to whom you can relate in a meaningful way. Think about the ways they inspire you and the steps that they have taken to achieve.
  2. Identify the challenges and obstacles to your achievement. Challenges to achievements become very real obstacles to moving your life forward. Make a list of all of the obstacles that may be in your way and reach out to the best people to help overcome these obstacles.
  3. Help each other achieve. For centuries, women have been meaningful role models for other women and played an active role in helping women to achieve or better themselves. In itself, this is a powerful message. There are many ways in which women empower and help other women, for example, teaching them new skills, encouraging them to be self-sufficient, and even just by making time for each other.

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