Call for Sallynoggin play area to re-open without further delay

by Rebecca Ryan
Cllr Cormac Devlin and Justin Moylan with Sallynoggin resident Lisa Grundy with her kids Lilly and Molly Hayes. Picture: Luke Martin

There is a call for Sallynoggin playground to reopen without further delay.

The very popular and well-used playground located beside St Joseph’s Football Club was closed about five months ago by the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council due to health and safety reasons.

Local councillor Cormac Devlin (FF) told Dublin Gazette he has received complaints from frustrated residents over the length of time the refurbishment is taking.

“The council state that the specialised flooring was in dire need of repair and closed the playground on that basis.

“I have received several complaints from parents and grandparents who use this playground on a regular basis and were unable to find out why it had closed and when it would reopen.”

Cllr Devlin said he is pleased to know that the works have “finally gone to tender” and have been promised the playground will be open by Easter.

“We will continue to push the council to keep to their committed time frame of having it open by Easter.

“There has been a serious lack of communication with the local community about why it was closed, and this type of event shouldn’t see a local playground closed for this length of time again,” said Cllr Devlin.

Justin Moylan, Fianna Fáil’s Dún Laoghaire local election candidate added: “Considering the number of playgrounds across the county, surely there should be a minor works list in place to ensure that this type of maintenance can be carried out without an undue delay of a lengthy procurement process.”

Mum-of-two Lisa Grundy told Dublin Gazette that her daughters, Molly (3) and Lilly (1) really miss the playground and cannot understand why the repairs have taken so long.

“They love going down to it. There’s nowhere else really around other than there. They’re grand in their own garden but they like going to a playground to meet other kids.”

She feels that the closure of the playground is “going on a bit too long”.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council confirmed to Dublin Gazette they hope to have the playground reopened by Easter.

“We are currently seeking quotations for the upgrade of the surface to the Playground at Sallynoggin Park. For health & safety reasons the playground was temporarily closed.

“We expect the upgrade to take place as soon as possible in March/ early April with a view to having the Playground open prior to the Easter break.”

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