Ringsend Residents to protest on Saturday over a lack of housing

by Rachel Darcy

A protest by irate residents in Ringsend will take place this coming Saturday at the former Irish Glass Bottle (IGB) site on Sean Moore Road.

Residents in Ringsend are hosting the protest – the second one by locals – in protest of the lack of local social housing being built by developers.

Regulation states that 10% of housing should comprise social accommodation; however, this has not been happening in recent developments in the Docklands area.

Senator Kevin Humphreys (Lab) previously told Dublin Gazette that developers have been building the required 10% of housing in other areas of Dublin.

This is due to changes made to planning laws in 2015, meaning that councils cannot take cash from a developer instead of social housing, but can take homes or land in another location.

In one case, a number of new homes were built in the Docklands area, but the 10% social housing needed was developed in Rialto rather than alongside the main development in the Ringsend/Irishtown area, meaning 14 housing units were lost in the locality.

The last such protest attracted hundreds to the former IGB site, with residents calling for an even larger show of support at Saturday’s protest.

They are calling for homes to be built on the IGB site, and for social housing on the whole to be honoured in Ringsend and Irishtown.

The protest will start at 11am at the former IGB site, with more information available from facebook.com/IGBhousing.

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