Rentokil: Dublin has highest level of rodent callouts

by Gazette Reporter

Ireland’s leading pest control provider, Rentokil, has recorded a 35% increase in rodent callouts between March and June this year over the same period last year. 

The company believes that the closure of restaurants and resulting decreased levels of food waste in urban areas during the first half of the year has likely contributed to high callout levels, with rodents venturing further afield in search of food sources.

The top five counties which accounted for rodent callouts are Dublin (which accounted for 25% of callouts), Cork (14%), Galway (10%), Tipperary (6%), and Meath (5%).

As restrictions are lifted and businesses begin to reopen, Rentokil is urging business owners to be on the lookout for signs of rodent infestations on their premises. Business premises that have lain vacant for a long time period as a result of Covid-19 restrictions may be serving as areas of shelter for rodents, as they provide protection from the elements and predators. 

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