Radio Nova and Focus Ireland to challenge homelessness and change lives

by Padraig Conlon

Radio Nova are calling on the generosity of their listeners this week for their annual charity fundraising drive.

Their ‘Help Our Homeless’ Radiothon takes place on Wednesday March 13th and Thursday March 14th

The two-day event will see the immensely popular Dublin radio station turn over its airwaves to raise vital funds from donations from the public and local businesses.

The Radiothon rolls out from 7am-7pm both days.

Radio Nova personalities including Lucy Kennedy, Colm Hayes, Ruth Scott, Pat Courtenay and many other will be manning the phones and urging listeners to make donations to this important cause.

On Thursday March 13th Radio Nova will be ‘Takin it to the streets.’

They will be broadcasting live from 37 Dawson Street and allowing Dubliners get involved with the fundraising.

You can also expect a host of celebrities to drop by including Jason Byrne, Simon Delaney and a live  on the street performance from Aslan.

A special hi-tech call centre will be set-up at Radio Nova’s HQ in the Dublin’s Docklands with Focus Ireland staff manning the phones to accept donations.

Also, a host of celebrities including musicians, comedians and actors will be lending their support to the campaign.

If Dubliners ring through to donate they could end up talking to their favourite celebrity!

Last year Focus Ireland supported over 400 families to move out of homelessness. However, the latest figures show that there are now a record total of 9987 men, women and children homeless.

It is shocking to see that nearly 4,000 of the people homeless are children.

Focus Ireland Advocacy Director Mike Allen said:

“Focus Ireland research shows that even a short period of homelessness often has a very negative impact on families – and their children.

“Over 40% of the families who are homeless in Dublin are now in emergency accommodations for over a year.”

Focus Ireland are also concerned that due to the limited amount of new rental stock available and rising rents there will be fewer opportunities to move out of homelessness and people will be stuck in emergency accommodation for longer.

Radio Nova CEO Kevin Branigan said:

“Focus Ireland did amazing work last year by helping over 15,500 people who were homeless or at risk of losing their home.

“We are urging Radio Nova listeners to once again show their amazing generosity by raising vital funds to make sure Focus Ireland are there when people need support.”

Tune in to Radio Nova to give what you can and visit

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