In an open letter to Deputy Derek Keating (FG), Tomas O’Dulaing, principal, Griffeen Valley Educate Together, slammed the local TD’s leaflet distributed last week, and which listed what he had “delivered” for the area, as “objectionable and depressing”

A LOCAL principal has slammed a leaflet distributed by a local TD as “gross cynical opportunism”.
Residents in Lucan South last week received a leaflet from Fine Gael TD Derek Keating that outlined what he has “delivered” for the people of Lucan.
Amongst the list was news of a school expansion at Griffeen Valley Educate Together – an inclusion that has angered that school’s principal, Tomas O’Dulaing.
In an open letter to Deputy Keating, O’Dulaing said that he had not assisted in the expansion plans whatsoever.
“You never once contacted our school, Griffeen Valley, in relation to our forthcoming school extension,” says O’Dulaing’s letter.
“Neither did anybody from our board of management or staff contact you or seek your assistance in relation to the extension. You had absolutely nothing to do with this development, and yet you distribute a leaflet in the Lucan area claiming to have ‘initiated, led and delivered’ this extension.
“This is nothing but gross cynical opportunism on your behalf, which I find objectionable and depressing.”
O’Dulaing added that Deputy Keating had attended a meeting at the school, where he met special needs students and their parents.
“In the last two years [since Fine Gael and Labour came to power] our school has lost four and a half Special Needs Assistants for these vulnerable children, and has seen the allocation of one-to-one resource-teaching hours for these children reduced by 15%.
“I recall, Derek, that you shook your head in shame when parents outlined to you the manner in which the devastating cuts you had voted for were having on the lives of their children. Neither the school, nor those parents, heard from you after that meeting.”
The letter adds that the school has lost three English-language teachers in the past two years.
“Derek, these losses are two very tangible things that you have delivered for the children in our school and for our community in Lucan.
“Can I respectfully remind you that you have voted for every single cutback that you and your colleagues in Fine Gael and Labour have put through [the Dail]?
“I am sure you would be interested to know the cumulative effect of those votes by you and your colleagues, and how those same votes have impacted upon the lives of people in our community.
“At a broader, national level, you and your colleagues have delivered an increase of at least 40,000 children living in poverty in our country – something which is profoundly shameful. Derek, you have also delivered austerity in its billions [of euro] for ordinary people, with catastrophic effect.”
O’Dulaing, who is the chair of the Alliance against Cutbacks in Education, said that his own letter was not meant as a personal attack on Deputy Keating, but took aim at his leaflet.
“Nothing in this open letter, Derek, is intended to question your integrity, or to attack you personally. I’m sure you believe in what you are doing in Leinster House.
“However, I respectfully suggest that the ‘Derek is delivering’ leaflet is an example of the kind of political cynicism that seems to infect many of our politicians when they join the ranks of our political elite in Dail Eireann.”
Deputy Keating was contacted in relation to this matter and declined to comment.


  1. All our Government personnel are attributing all cut backs or other stupid legal initiatives to Troika, ECHR, Other European National economic policies etc., while of course claiming that all improvements are all their own work.
    As proven over the past several months in Italy, a country runs very wellwithout a waste of space parliament.
    Let us have a referendum and cancel all government salaries, expensense, allowances,Government Jet and pensions. Any pensioner who has no other means of livliehood can make a case for supplementary social welfare payments just like every other citizen similarly placed.

  2. Derek considers himself to be a wine and cheese man, most men of little substance are the same, but there is no need to over worry as he has absolutely zero chance of being reelected and it wont be long before the twelve year olds are teaching him skateboarding which is maybe something he may be good at.

  3. I’d like to add to what Tomas has said here, but I find he has pretty much said it all.
    Dep Keating, no more than the rest of his colleagues in Dail Eireann, is so cocooned in the wealth the poiticians grant themselves that he honestly thinks that the great unwashed will suck up whatever tripe he throws our way.
    It’s not often that a public servant has the courage to be so forthright, my compliments to you Tomas.

  4. Principal O’Dulaing has done the State a service. Even by the shameful standards of most T.D.s, blatantly lying about what you have and haven’t done for the community in this fashion shouldn’t be tolerated. Everyone should adopt the same attitude and tactics as Principal O’Dulaing and we’ll see how long it takes for the gombeen men and buffoons that plague Irish politics to cop themselves on.

  5. Could a complaint be made to SIPO (Standards in Public office)?

    He has LIED as opposed to exagerated in order to persuade people to elect him again to the gravy train that is the Dail. That’s fraud by my standards. TDs send round ‘newsletters’ which we pay for but usually they refer to making representations and sometimes ‘with my collegues I requested that…’

    It says something about Deputy Keating’s IQ that he told a blatant lie that could easily be disproved.

    I note from the Houses of the Oireachtas website that like the vast majority of his Dublin colleagues he collected €12,000 in 2012 for ‘turning up’ for work in the Dail – officially it is the travel and accommodation allowance relating to Dublin based TDs.

  6. Derek is being led like a donkey by his so called advisers and it will end up destroying him and his re-election prospects. Sit back and watch the 11,000 votes he got at the last election disappear like a fart in the wind..

  7. When you consider this and the report in the Gazette Dunlaoghaire edition regarding a Fine Gael TD producing a fictitious newspaper page and circulating it, we should all be vigilant in exposing and reporting these lies.
    Unfortunately the biggest piece of fiction so far produced by Fine Gael, which has proved financially disastrous for us all was “Fine Gael in Government will force
    certain classes of bond-holders to share in the cost of recapitalising troubled financial institutions” — it is now clear to us all that the “share” referred to is zero and thousands of homeowners and workers who believed this election campaign fiction and rushed to vote Fine Gael into power are now being bullied into paying the full cost of sorting out a massive private debt mountain.

  8. Well, Derek, or should that be Del Boy? You delivered an extension,did you? Off the back of a lorry was it? You say that a lot of your work is done sight unseen behind closed doors. Well, fair enough, maybe you worked tirelessly through the night putting up the extension by torchlight, and meant to keep quiet about it, delighting in the quiet satisfaction of a job well done, and bathing in the looks ofa surprised populace the next morning……..or maybe not! So would you like to explain what it was exactly that you did do? Shouldn’t take too long, as it doesn’t seem to amount to a hill of beans!.

  9. I am pleased that, at last, people of Lucan are speaking out on the grabbers of power that are already trying to salvage their political careers in future elections – Derek Keating has always sadly sneaked around the corners of who is who – he was one of the many who held up the opening up of Lucan some years ago and delayed the road that is now there at outer ring road to Tallaght/Clondalkin and the N7 – whilst he is speaking out against allowing the use of heroin…he is silent on the vigilante activity of his colleague in Government Joanne Tuffy who went around homes in Castle Riada asking residents to take numbers of cars parking in the locality – a Doctor had set up practice and had signed on to prescribe methadone – Joanne Tuffy took part in that vigilante – the Doctor had to close his practice due to harrassment…attacking the most vulnerable in our Society is what the Fine Gael/Labour Government stands for….and so much more that has put many of us at risk for our lives…”Let us not be silent in times of tyranny”..We may suffer the Powers of Oppression but let us never lay victim to untruths and the threat of freedom in our Land…

  10. Having worked inside leinster house for a number of years as ‘contractor’ sound engineer I saw how things work. After two years at most all new politicians with ideas and plans have been re-educated. They understand that rocking the boat will only make you fall overboard, the perks and comforts they have become accustomed to help them think again. After three years they are too far gone to help their voters. They live in a bubble and loose touch with reality, no longer have any idea what ‘real life’ is like for ordinary people. I firmly believe that no politician at any lever should be allowed to sit for more that three years at a time, after three years they must take a minimnum of two years before they can run for election again. This would ensure feet remain on the ground and they realize how fortunate they are, it would also help keep them close to reality real people and real life, which in turn would make them legislate more thoughfully…

  11. I mean its one thing to get caught on CCTV but have they not heard of the internet?

    Just another idiotic stunt by a corrupt politican. An absolute disgrace.

    Delighted the gazette DOES NOT censor information and allows the freedom of speech. Its about time the media exposes these crooks!


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