Candidates encouraged to recycle Election posters with free service

by Dublin Gazette

A recycling company in the capital have said that they will accept and recycle all election posters free of charge at it’s recycling centres from May 27.

Panda made the announcement today, one week ahead of the local elections on May 24. The announcement by the company is to encourage candidates to responsibly dispose of their posters, and to ensure that towns around the capital won’t be blighted by the campaign posters beyond election day.

The posters will be shredded in Ireland by the company, with the material then used to make products such as paint tubs. Cable ties will also be accepted at the waste collection sites and will be recycled to manufacture fruit and vegetable trays.

Panda is hopeful that the availability of this free service will encourage candidates to quickly take down their posters and bring them to be recycled after voting day.

While there is no deadline for dropping the posters into the Panda sites, they hope that posters will arrive in the days following the elections so they can be recycled in large batches.

Speaking about the announcement, Des Crinion, Managing Director, Panda Recycling Division said: “We’ve seen a real demand for a service like this following past elections and are now delighted to be able to offer this service around the country and play our part in alleviating the issue of election litter.

“I would urge all political parties, candidates and local county councils to make use of the service we’re providing.”

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