‘Smashed bottles everywhere’: Portmarnock Beach trashed over weekend

by Gary Ibbotson

Residents of the seaside town of Portmarnock are calling for action after the usually pristine Portmarnock Beach was vandalised over the weekend.

Images emerged online on Sunday, October 20 of the sandy beach covered in glass, plastic bottles, beer bottles and cans. A burnt-out wheelie bin, which is understood to have been stolen from a local residence, was also found.

In an online post, local sea-swimmer Cathy McElroy McMahon said that there were “smashed bottles everywhere and the remains of a burnt-out wheelie bin.

“Disgraceful behaviour that could cause serious injury to beach users.

“It took us 45 minutes to pick up/sweep the glass off the sand and from under the shelter. The place was also littered with small plastic hash bags.

“A new pebble art installation was also vandalised.”

An Garda Siochana were called out to the beach on Saturday to disperse a gathered crowd, but no arrests were made.

They said in a statement: “Gardai in Malahide responded to an incident on Portmarnock Beach, Saturday, October 19 at approximately 8pm.

“Gardai arrived at the scene following a report of youths congregating in the area. Youths were moved on upon arrival of Gardai. No offences disclosed.”

In response to the anti-social behaviour, Portmarnock Community Association is asking people to get involved in the community and help keep the local beaches clean.

“We need more people to become active members of the community association and tidy towns.

“Many people may think this is an isolated incident but in reality, this is what faces volunteers all year round,” the group said in a statement.

“I would ask people respectfully to do less commenting and become an active, positive person. You don’t have to be a saint, just do what you can… Picking up just a little bit of litter is fantastic.”

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