Grandad’s chimney adventure inspired by Poolbeg Towers

by Rachel Darcy

An Irishtown grandad has self-published his first book during the Covid-19 pandemic, inspired by a heart-warming tale he tells his grandchildren.

Art tutor John Carpenter took the free time he had over lockdown to write A Chimney Adventure – How Grandad, Poppy and Indy Saved the Chimneys. The story is based on the famous Poolbeg Towers, and stars his two dogs, Poppy and Indy.

John told Dublin Gazette: “With all my classes cancelled due to the lockdown, I finally had the time on my hands to put the book together.

“Originally I pitched it out to a publishing company, but when I didn’t get a response, I decided to take on publishing it myself, and trying my hand at creating all the drawings in the book.

“It was a great project, putting it together, and I had great support from my wife and a friend who does graphic designing. The grandkids love it!”

The plot of the book is based on a story he used to tell his two grandchildren, Emma and Zoe, when he was driving them to his home in Irishtown for a visit from their home in Blessington.

“It used to be a long enough drive for them, and when they saw the towers they knew that they were close to getting home.

“There used to be talk on the news and in the community about the towers being removed a few years ago, and that’s originally where the story came from, we used to say the grandkids were going to save the towers.

“Using their names was a bit too long for the name of the book though, so we decided to use the dog’s names instead!”

“Thankfully though, the Poolbeg Towers are still there. I’ve had people buy the book as far away as Australia, and people telling me how the towers remind them of coming home, seeing them out the window on an airplane before they land.

“I’m glad to have been able to give people abroad a little bit of Dublin, or home, with my book.”

A Chimney Adventure – How Grandad, Poppy and Indy Saved the Chimneys is available now in Books on The Green in Sandymount, Hanna Bookshop in Rathmines, or on Etsy here.

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