Dublin poet publishes collection during lockdown

by Kim O Leary

By Kim O’Leary

A poet from Knocklyon has published his first ever collection of poems in a book during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Writer Liam McNevin’s work has appeared in journals, anthologies and online and his new book, entitled ‘Times Present & Past’ is his first published collection of poetry.

Liam explained that the themes of his book are love, loss and life moving on.

He told Dublin Gazette: “I started writing short stories and then moved onto poetry, I’ve been doing it for many years now. I’ve also done a few open mic performances as well.”

During the lockdowns Liam said that he decided to work on getting his poetry published in an official collection.

“To me, writing poems is about recording memories and catching moments 

in the here and now,” explained Liam, who is inspired by life and nature in particular.

“I’m inspired by literally everything that is going on in my life, but I do really love nature and my favourite poem from the whole collection is probably Winter walking,” he said.

The days out are cold and crisp, 

blue night skies curious pitch, 

a blanket holding you in,comforting.

                                                          from Winter walking

Liam’s book ‘Times Present & Past’ is being published by Swan Press and due to current Covid-19 restrictions, the book will be launched virtually over a free event on Zoom on Tuesday 13 April at 8pm.

‘Times Present & Past’ costs €10 plus postage and can be purchased by contacting him on liamedia15@gmail.com

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