Podcasting pair fight back against domestic abuse in Ireland

by Gazette Reporter

By Zoe Keane

A fundraiser has been launched by two podcasting Dublin mums to help combat domestic abuse in Ireland.

‘Mams on the Mic’ was created as a platform for women to share their stories of motherhood, dealing with difficult issues including adoption, depression and infant loss.

Lesley-Anne O’Brien and Hazel McLoughlin, both mums with their own story, began their podcasting journey in September. To their surprise their first edition reached 100 downloads within the first 48 hours.

Lesley-Anne, from Littlepace in D15, told Dublin Gazette: “I love listening to people’s stories as I find myself always trying to help in some way.

“I find this little outlet really helps me express who I am outside of being a mother, and that’s why Hazel and I really enjoy it so much.

“Some Mums have used ‘Mams on the Mic’ as an outlet to express themselves and share their stories, and for some it has acted as a relief therapy whilst at the same time raising awareness about certain topics.”

The broadcasting duo now have 13 episodes under their belts with over 3,000 downloads and they’ve beat celeb mums Stacey Solomon and Vogue Williams to reach No 1 in the Apple podcast charts.

Hazel revealed: “It’s a parenting podcast but we don’t really talk about the kids. Once you become a mam you sort of lose yourself a bit, no one asks how the mam is, they always ask how the children are doing.

“We did it because we’ve nine kids between us, and I’ve no hobbies. I was looking to do something. What started out as a hobby has now become so much more”.”

Lesley-Anne and Hazel are fundraising for domestic abuse charity Aoibhneas, which has seen a 125% increase in calls for help over the past six months. The funds raised will be given back to families in vouchers, toys, food, hampers and more.

Last week the charitable mams packed up a van of female sanitary products and drove them to the city centre for those experiencing period poverty.

The humble pair are pleasantly surprised by the engagement they’ve received from their audience. “You couldn’t write it,” said Hazel.

For more information or to donate see Mams on the Mic on Facebook.

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