Petition for Sandycove to Blackrock cycle lane gains traction

by Gary Ibbotson

An online petition calling for the construction of a trial cycle route from Blackrock to Sandycove has garnered over 600 signatures.

According to its description, the petition is calling for an implementation of a trial “segregated cycle route along the coast from Blackrock to Sandycove for one year.

“Create one way for traffic along the coast all the way from Blackrock to Sandycove.

“This will allow people to cycle both ways on the seaside of the road. It should connect with the cycleway on the Blackrock bypass in order to connect with the schools.

“Use wands and armadillos to close off one lane of the street to provide a safe cycling environment.”

Outlining why this corridor is needed, the petition says, “we need a safe place for our children and adults to cycle on the road for commuting to school and work.

“This would also provide for recreational cycling and people to enjoy the coast in a safe and peaceful manner.

“At the moment there is no continuous safe cycling for people in DLR.

“Most people currently don’t cycle due to the dangerous nature of the roads in DLR and this could provide an impetus for cycling with a link all the way from Booterstown to Sandycove.

“There’s been talk of a cycleway along the coast for over 20 years and still no sign of it.”

Since 2002, the Sutton to Sandycove group has been advocating for a 22kn cycle lane from Sutton to Sandycove, “linking and upgrading where appropriate, existing walkways and cycleways.”

The proposal notes that the south side of the corridor, “could be enhanced to provide a continuous and level promenade, wheelchair and cycleway on the seaside of the Dart line from Dun Laoghaire to the Merrion Strand.”

It is not currently known if this plan has any link to the current Blackrock to Sandycove proposal.

Green Party councillor, Ossian Smyth said south Dublin coastal cycle lane is currently being proposed.

“Last year the council was approved for €17.5m in funding from the National Transport Authority to build a seafront promenade and cycle path to run from Dun Laoghaire to Blackrock and Booterstown.

“A planning application is being prepared which will go to Bord Pleanala for approval,” he said.

“People have been waiting for years for this route and are frustrated at the delays.

“While we wait for this to be approved and built, we should go ahead with other pilot schemes to make it safer to walk and cycle.”

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