Brave Geniele shaves head to raise funds for hospital

by Sylvia Pownall

A brave cancer patient shaved her mane of blonde hair off live on social media at the weekend to raise funds for the hospital where she is receiving her treatment.

Geniele Squires, 29, went under the razor to raise awareness and funding and has so far raised over €3,500 towards clinical trials at the haematology ward of Beaumont Hospital.

Inspirational Geniele, from Rush in north county Dublin, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in June and says she has been “fighting the hell out of it”.

Her treatment programme will see her undergo 12 chemotherapy sessions and up to 20 radiotherapy sessions, but she refuses to give in to negative thoughts.

She said: “Losing my hair is part of my battle. I thought I had another month to go but unfortunately it’s time to shave it off.”

Geniele set up a GoFundMe page and invited supporters to watch the live stream as her friend Gary shaved her head at the green at St Catherine’s opposite her home on Sunday.

The night before she admitted: “I don’t think I’ve cried this much in a long time.

“The only way to explain it is I feel I’m letting go of a person. I love my hair…

“Losing your hair is traumatising, that is the only word for it…but it’s gonna grow back.”

On average 1,500 people are diagnosed with blood cancer in Ireland each year.

Of those 150 have Hodgkins Lymphoma and Beaumont needs new equipment to carry out new clinical trials.

Geniele looked every bit as stunning after losing her locks as she proudly posted an update on Instagram on Monday.

She said: “The sunset hit me differently last night. I am one lucky, loved woman.

“My chemo is delayed until tomorrow, everything happens for a reason.

“So I am going to embrace this day of sunshine and later will sit on the beach, read every message, video and voice note I have received over the past 24 hours. I am blown away and so very grateful for how much has been raised so far.”

To donate visit the GoFundMe page here.

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