King of the Swingers, Paddy Cole, pens his memoir

by Gazette Reporter

By Zoe Keane

Legendary musician Paddy Cole has finally gotten round to penning his memoir – more than 80 years after he started his career at the tender age of 12.

The saxophone player affectionately known as King of the Swingers, has taken his style of jazz, Dixieland and swing band music all over the world.

Starting off reading music sitting down as part of an orchestra, Paddy was soon standing up on stage once the showband craze hit, entertaining the masses here and in Las Vegas, with his band ‘The Big 8’.

‘King of The Swingers’ written by Tom Gilmore, is a book all about the life of Paddy Cole from sharing dressing rooms with Elvis Presley to gambling with Frank Sinatra. But it wasn’t all glamour.

Cole and his band performed three times a night, six nights a week in Vegas for six or seven months of the year, returning to Ireland for the summers.

He told Dublin Gazette: “It was a wonderful life, a hard one, but wonderful. All those things coming out while you’re still alive is great, it’s usually done as you slip off the perch.

“I wrote the book in lockdown, sure what else would I be doing!”

As if publishing a book wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Paddy had been playing golf two or three times a week, before more restrictions hit. Now, sticking to the rules, he walks in Herbert Park and

Paddy Cole, King of the Swingers, published by O’Brien Press, is available online at RRP e19.99.

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