Curious case of the double O Broins

by Padraig Conlon

In what appears to be a first in Dublin Mid-West politics, the presence of two Eoin O Broins is raising questions among the local electorate.

The well-known Sinn Fein TD for Dublin Mid-West Eoin O Broin is being confused with a Clondalkin based candidate in the upcoming Local Elections also called Eoin O Broin.

Despite sharing a name, the Sinn Fein TD for Dublin Mid West says he ‘won’t be voting for Eoin O Broin’ at the end of the month.

Following weeks of speculation, Deputy O Broin says he wants to clear up any confusion regarding his political future.

“Dublin Mid West Sinn Féin is hoping to increase our representation on South Dublin County Council to five this May,” he said.

“We have a strong slate of candidates including Derren O Bradaigh in Lucan, Mark Ward and Danny O’Brien in Fonthill/Palmerstown and William Carey and Lisa Kinsella-Colman in Clondalkin.

“The entry into the race of a Clondalkin based independent candidate called Eoin O Broin has caused a little confusion.

“Some people are asking if I have left Sinn Fein and am running for the council.

“Remove any doubt I have not left Sinn Fein, I am not going independent and I am not running in this May’s council elections.

“I won’t be voting for my namesake.

“He is a decent guy but isolated independents can not deliver real change whether in the council, the Dail or the European Parliament.”

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