Majority of Dubliners want public housing built at O Devaney Gardens

by Padraig Conlon

53% of Dubliners support full public housing at O’Devaney Gardens as campaigning organisation call for Councillors to reject Bartra plans.

This is according to an opinion poll conducted by Red C on behalf of campaigning organisation Uplift.

This news comes days before Dublin City Councillors are due to vote on a deal that would result in the land at O’Devaney Gardens being signed over to private developer Bartra Capital who plan to build 824 homes with 50% private, 30% social and 20% affordable.

Bartra want to build private houses to sell and rent at market rates, while ‘affordable’ units will require a salary of €108,000 and savings of €45,000 for someone to be able to purchase them. 

Councillors are due to vote on the plan next Monday and the Dublin Agreement group, which holds a majority on the council and is made up of Green Party, Fianna Fáil, Labour and Social Democrats, are due to meet tonight.

Fine Gael agree with the plan, the Social Democrats are against it while Fianna Fáil and the Green Party have still to decide their final position on it.

Most Independents and People Before Profit will vote against it while Sinn Féin wants a renegotiation.

Deputy Director of Uplift, Emily Duffy called on Councillors to reject the plans.

“It’s clear that people in Dublin city want homes that are affordable, and secure – where people from all backgrounds can put down roots and build flourishing communities,” she said.

“Public affordable housing that everyone can access is the perfect antidote to the out of control rents and impossible to get mortgages. 

“But the private proposals being put to Dublin City Council for the O’Devaney Gardens site will never deliver this, because it’s not profitable enough. 

“Private developers and landlords cannot and will not deliver us affordable and secure homes and communities” 

Having read a copy of Report of the Assistant Chief Executive of DCC with reference to the Proposed Redevelopment of O Devaney Gardens, Dublin Gazette had a few questions for Dublin City Council.

Dublin Gazette: Why are the 56 social units known as Phase 1A which DCC developed to be included in the total number of units delivered as part of the project of the 30% social housing allocation?

Dublin City Council: The 56 units are frontloaded and are being built on the O’Devaney Gardens Housing Land Initiative site and, as such, are considered as part of the HLI for the purposes of calculating the social mix of 20% Affordable, 30% Social and  50% Private. It was always intended that the 56 would be part of the overall 30% allocation for the this site and the Public Procurement Process was framed accordingly.

Dublin Gazette: Why did DCC do a deal with Bartra without consulting/telling the DCC Councillors?

Dublin City Council: Bartra Capital are the successful tenderer following a complex Public Procurement Process that has been ongoing for the last two years.

“They won the competition by submitting the Most Economically Advantageous Tender.

“Tender rules are governed by EU Procurement Directives.

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