Embark on your own tree walk around Fingal with this new tool

by Rachel Darcy

With the country’s second lockdown now underway, one consultant at data consultancy firm, The Information Lab Ireland, has created an interactive map designed for families and schools in Fingal to plan their own tree walks.

Daniel Ling created the digital map using publicly available data on tree types in the Fingal area, as well as on school locations in the locality, enabling teachers and parents to plan their own nature walks for budding minds in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the project, Ling said: “I have used data on 120 school locations in the Fingal area of Dublin and a dataset of trees, also from the Fingal area.

“As we continue into Level 5, schools are trying to spend more time outside and what better way of doing so than by walking in their local area and spotting some of the common and less common tree species planted around their schools.

The visualisation allows you to define the radius from the school to see how far you would need to walk and then shows you where the trees are, how many are within the radius, which Tree Species are present along with other details about each of the trees.”

Live now on Tableau, the data visualisation displays all the different types of trees in the Fingal area, from Ash trees to Japanese Cherry Blossoms, the locations of the trees, their conditions, and how far away they are from schools in the area like Donabate Portrane Educate Together, Castleknock Community College and more.

To see the full map, visit the website here, or take a look at the map below.

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