Tower slide set to be reinstated at park

by Staff Reporter

The vandalised tower slide at Millennium Park which was damaged after just two weeks of being installed is set to be reinstated next month.
Last November, vandals set fire to the staircase of the newly-installed tower slide at the popular local playground.
It is understood that the contractor for reinstating the playground equipment was due to start work on January 28. Repair works to the slide are expected to take about two weeks to complete. It will re-open as soon as remedial works have been completed, which is likely to be in mid-February.
Labour councillor Michael O’Donovan said he was “pleased” to see that the slide will be operational soon. He went on to ask Fingal management if the material being used on the slide would be “tougher” than the material that was damaged before.
In response, a spokesperson for the council said the support footing will be made of steel and that is why there has been a delay in getting it reinstated. “It has to be done to a very high specification,” the spokesperson said. They added that it is “regrettable” that they have had to replace it so soon.
When asked about the cost to the council for the repair work, the manager did not have the cost on hand, but said that both the manufacture of the equipment and the contractor have insured the council that everything will be done “at cost price”.
Meanwhile, the new dog-run for Millennium Park is due for completion in the coming weeks. Construction works have commenced on the dog-run, mainly in the form of perimeter fencing and gates. However, there has been a delay in the completion of the facility, which the council say, is because of “adverse weather conditions”.
The council hope to have works on this facility complete and the dog-run open during February 2013.

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