Fourth life-saving defibrillator installed in northside town

by Sylvia Pownall

A group of volunteers dedicated to saving lives installed a defibrillator at Swords Manor at the weekend – bringing the total number of public access devices in the town to four.

The defibrillator is linked to the National Ambulance Service system and is the second to be paid for with funds raised by Swords Community First Responders (CFR).

Zita Corkery, secretary of the voluntary organisation, told Dublin Gazette: “It cost close to €2,000 for the defibrillator, heated housing box, sign and fitting.

“We now want to make the public aware that should a person suffer a heart attack, there is a defibrillator available 24/7 at the side of Grainger’s Inn at Swords Manor.”

The housed box will open when the person accesses the code, which will be with the 999 centre, as well as local shops and the pub itself.

It is the second public automated external defibrillator (AED) provided via Swords CFR, which installed one at Tesco Airside last year.

Zita explained: “We felt there was a need in the Swords Manor area for an AED as our other unit is at Tesco Airside beside the ATM, which is some distance away.

“Other public access AEDs are at Fingal council offices on Main Street, on the railing there, and at the wall of St Columba’s Parish Centre on Church Road, across from the Round Tower.”

Zita thanked Mark Grainger for facilitating the new device, which is monitored by CCTV cameras to deter vandals and was fitted by McKevitt Electrical.

She added: “We hope to next install a public access AED at River Valley, and have funds approved which will be part grant aided by Fingal County Council.”

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