Family’s joy as brave Zoe, 3, from Swords passes milestone in cancer fight

by Sylvia Pownall

A three-year-old girl battling a rare form of cancer will mark the end of a significant chapter in her treatment journey this week.

Little Zoe O’Mahoney from Swords gets to ring the bell at the hospital in Essen, Germany where she has been undergoing Proton radiation therapy.

The brave tot was diagnosed with an ATRT – an aggressive form of malignant brain tumour which affects less than 60 people worldwide each year – in July.

Zoe underwent emergency surgery to have fluid around her brain drained before having four more operations in a matter of weeks at Temple Street Hospital.

Now, her doting parents – Carmel and Alan – have issued an update to let supporters know how Zoe is doing on her journey.

In a post on the Zoe’s Magic Wand Facebook page, they said: “This weekend was meant to be a chemotherapy weekend for Zoe but after discussions with the oncologist it was decided to postpone it until Zoe gets back to Dublin.

“She would only be getting 50% because of the radiotherapy, so would need to catch up at home anyway so it seemed in her best interest to hold on and fotr her to get the full chemotherapy back in Crumlin.”

The entire family, including Zoe’s sister, Holly, relocated to Germany for Zoe’s hospital treatment there and they are now preparing to fly home.

They said: “It feels quite surreal for next week to be our final week in Essen. It has become our home for the past six weeks so it will be strange to be leaving. We have become used to our daily routines and our own little bubble.

“Also, it will mean that this vital chapter of Zoe’s treatment will have come to an end, but she still has a long road ahead with more rounds of tough chemotherapy to get through at home.

“So, when Zoe get to ring the bell next Friday, it won’t mark the end of all her treatment – merely another step on that road.

“However, as she passes each step, we are one closer to the finishing line and ultimately the successful outcome that we all want.”

To donate to Zoe’s Magic Wand, see the GoFundMe page here.

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