Residents’ anger is revved up by clampers

by Mark O'Brien

Residents of a Clonsilla estate say that they feel that they are being unfairly targeted by clampers.
The residents of the Allendale estate voted to bring in car clamping into the estate in an attempt to deter non-residents from parking their cars there and to ensure that residents paid their management fees in full.
All residents who pay their management fees are issued with a parking permit.
But resident Elaine Rooney contacted The Gazette to say that her husband Lorcan’s car had been recently been clamped at 2.20am after the permit accidentally fell of the windscreen of the car.
Elaine was initially told that she would have to pay €120 to remove the clamp despite the fact that she and her husband had paid their management fee in full and she felt her car should have been placed on a safe list to avoid being clamped.
After contacting the managing agent and explaining the situation, the couple were told that they would still have to pay a €50 administration fee to unclamp the car.
The car remains clamped as the couple refuse to pay the fee.
“They (the management company) said that the clampers were brought in as a debt collection tool,” said Elaine.
“Now we’re in debt to the management company. We paid our fee in full so why is the clamp on the car? We refuse to pay the administration fee.”
Resident Lisa Nolan said that her sister-in-law’s car was also recently clamped.
Lisa and her husband had to travel to Kilkenny to visit a sick relative and her sister-in-law was babysitting their children for the night.
In their hurry to travel they forgot to text the security company RFC to say that the car would be visiting for the night and the car was clamped at 4am.
Lisa said that while she accepts they forgot to follow the agreed procedure, she was not happy with the way that the car was clamped.
She said: “The thing that bugs me is that we’re paying a management fee and there doesn’t seem to be any sense to the way they’re doing it.
“It was four in the morning when they clamped my sister-in-law so to me, it’s like they’re deliberately going out of their way to catch people.”
The Board of Allendale Square Management Company said in a statement: “Clamping was introduced to Allendale Square as it was voted in unanimously by the members at the AGM in 2014.
“Clamping was neither the decision of The Board nor the Agent Mangewise.
“It was the decision of the majority of the members of Allendale Square Management Company.
“Permits were also hand delivered to each eligible owner or their tenant. Permits must be displayed to avoid being clamped.
“Visitors to Allendale Square can text RFC their registration details at any time to avoid being clamped.
“Neither the Board nor Managwise have any further comment at this time.”

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