Pyrite remedial works fuel fears of more disruptions

by Gazette Reporter

Cllr Paul Donnelly has called on Fingal County Council to take strong action in Castlecurragh Park if contractors do not minimise any disruption during the next phase of the pyrite remediation works.
Cllr Donnelly tweeted pictures over the weekend showing green areas left in poor condition and palisade fencing that had fallen down. In 2007 it emerged that hundreds of homes in D15 had been built with inadequate materials which contained pyrite. The mineral causes houses to crack and crumble in parts.
Repair work finally began on 38 houses in Castlecurragh Park 18 months ago and was due to only take six months.
Cllr Donnelly said that the contractor engaged to carry out the work did not keep the area clean and tidy, which shows a lack of respect towards the residents of the area. He said that the council must take strong action against contractors who do not respect the local community.
In a statement to The Gazette he said: “Whilst we all welcome the resolution of the pyrite issue in Castlecurragh Park, the contractor who was using a community green space has left it in a disgraceful condition.
“The first phase of the pyrite remediation was to only last six months but ended up taking 18 months, the community must be given a clear timeline of the length of time phase two will take.
“The road surface up to the construction compound has deteriorated and is now in a poor condition, this must be addressed immediately.
“Finally, although the new palisade fencing is welcome, it is worrying that it fell down last weekend. It must be made safe immediately.
“The Castlecurragh community has had a lot to put up with in recent years and whilst they want the pyrite works to continue they do want their community treated with respect and minimal disruption.”
The second phase of the pyrite remediation work is due to commence in May.

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