‘Every storm seems to take a piece of Portrane with it,’ locals say

by Sylvia Pownall

Residents living along The Burrow in Portrane are bracing themselves for a Winter of destruction after the latest storm wreaked havoc along the coastline.

Cllrs Paul Mulville (SD) and Adrian Henchy (FF) raised the matter at the council’s annual budgetary meeting, calling for emergency measures to protect householders.

The local authority is finalising a report proposing long-term solutions – but funding from the OPW and the National Parks and Wildlife Services is crucial.

Cllr Henchy told Dublin Gazette: “I was absolutely shocked following the overnight high tide and rapid deterioration along the Portrane coastline. Now, every high tide and every storm seems to take another piece of Portrane with it.

“I have spoken with residents of The Burrow and I can only say that I am equally as frustrated and exasperated with the slow and total lack of progress in properly addressing this issue once and for all.

“My thoughts go out to the residents living along The Burrow who now, at every high tide, are left in the distressed situation of not knowing what further damage has occurred.”

One house along the dunes, which was deemed unsafe and evacuated in 2017, was demolished earlier this year and residents are worried that their homes will suffer the same fate.

Concrete ‘sea bee’ bollards installed along the beach last year have failed to make much impact on coastal erosion.

The council carried out an on-site inspection last week and has agreed to install the sea bees at their current location, and to install further rock armour between Piper’s restaurant and Seaview Park.

Fingal County Council has also allocated €500,000 in its budget for 2020 to spend on coastal erosion measures, but Cllr Henchy fears it is not enough to stem the “horrific” invasion.

He warned: “We are now well past the time for further inspections or more visits from government ministers. It’s action that is urgently required, and a lot less talking.

“The patient and tolerant people of Portrane have now had enough and they deserve so much better than this.”

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