Porterstown mum praises revolutionary scalp treatment

by Gazette Reporter

A Dublin woman, who has used a ground-breaking scalp cooling treatment to keep her hair during chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, has spoken out about her experience.
Christine Lydon, originally from Porterstown but now living in London, said that after being diagnosed, she worried about losing her hair.
“My doctor said there was something I could try to retain my hair,” she said.
“He was cautious about it, warned me that it wasn’t successful for everyone and that it was uncomfortable.
“Still, I reasoned, if there was something that might work, I was prepared to give it a go.
“Later that week, my six-year-old daughter’s tears upon hearing that my hair might fall out convinced me.”
Scalp cooling, also known as the ‘cold cap’, alleviates the damage to hair follicles caused by chemotherapy.
It was developed in the UK by a family business, Paxman.
It works by reducing the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees immediately before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy.
This in turn reduces the blood flow to hair follicles, which may prevent or minimise hair loss.
Christine admits that although the cold cap is not for everyone, for her, it gave a sense of control.
“So many women rock a bald head beautifully and don’t want to waste time on a system that may not pay off,” she said.
“Other women may not be offered the cold cap or even told about it, which seems unfair.
“The idea that hair loss wasn’t necessarily inevitable was encouraging during what is, frankly, the worst of times.”

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