New Mayor has sights set on helping environment

by Mark O'Brien

The new Mayor of Fingal says she wants to help the environment and honour local volunteers during her time in office.

Mulhuddart councillor Mary McCamley was elected as Mayor at the annual meeting of Fingal County Council last month.

Cllr McCamley told The Gazette that she hopes to use her time as Mayor to honour locals who volunteer all across the area.

She said: “I want to make this the year of the volunteer and say thanks to the people on the ground.”

Cllr McCamley added that she also hopes to tackle litter issues and preserve the local parks and green spaces.

She said that there are currently huge issues with illegal dumping and she hopes to get the council to commence mobile patrols to catch people who are dumping illegally and educate them about the harm that it causes to the environment.

“It’s destroying our area,” she said, citing a recent example of volunteers in Corduff who have worked hard to clean up their area only to find incidents of illegal dumping ruining their hard work.

“Just this morning I got awful photographs from Corduff after they have worked so hard to make their area gorgeous.”

Cllr McCamley added that while she fully appreciates the urgent need to build more homes in the area, she wants to preserve some of the green spaces in the area and prevent it from becoming a “concrete jungle”.

“I want to keep all the green area, especially around St Catherine’s Park and down by the Liffey Valley and down by the Strawberry Beds and make sure that it is always kept green and there will be no building and development on it,” she said.

She added that she hopes that the restored Shackleton Gardens will open during her term as Mayor.

Cllr McCamley also said she hopes to help her own constituency of Mulhuddart during her term.

“I am looking for an extension to our community centre because it is full to capacity,” she said.

“It’s not sustainable at the moment because we’re getting 150 new social houses here.

“If you take two children to each house, we’ve got another 300 teenagers coming on board so Foroige and the Youth Project in Mulhuddart really need more space.”

Cllr McCamley remained modest when asked if the people of the area were proud to have the Mayor come from the area, replying: “I hope they’re proud of me as much as I’m proud of them.”

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