‘It’s a matter of time until a child is seriously injured’

by Gazette Reporter

Cllr Matt Waine (Solidarity) has called for an end to the traffic issues at the Tyrrelstown schools campus before a child is seriously injured.
Cllr Waine wrote to Fingal County Council chief executive Paul Reid last week to request that all stakeholders meet in an attempt to resolve the issues at St Lukes NS and Tyrrelstown Educate Together.
The two schools share a carpark with the Tyrrelstown Community Centre but with the population of the schools growing, that carpark is already not big enough to accommodate all of the traffic coming through it each day.
The carpark has space for 100 cars but there are already over 100 teachers working in the two schools. This has led to the carpark being closed to parents in the mornings, forcing them to drop their children off outside of the school near a busy road.
Cllr Waine told the Gazette that it was only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured.
He said: “A month and a half ago a child was knocked down.
“Thankfully it wasn’t serious but it’s only a matter of time before there is a serious incident.”
He added that there has since been series of near misses involving children and cars on the road.
A number of solutions are possible, including extending the road to Le Cheile Secondary School and extending the current carpark on the school campus. In order to implement these plans, it would require the agreement of all stakeholders, including Fingal County Council and the Department of Education.
Cllr Waine said that he would ideally like to have the issue resolved in time for the new school year in September.

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