Malahide’s own Big Shot on aiming for a Broadway hit

by Sylvia Pownall

Broadway could beckon a rising star of musical theatre whose show will be performed in front of a top American producer in Dublin next month.

Lauryn Gaffney from Malahide returns to The Helix with the award-winning, Big Shot The Musical, on February 22 – a show she wrote when she was just 21 years old.

Now 26, Lauryn (from Seabury) has invited Tony award-winning Broadway producer Ken Davenport to the performance, and he’s agreed to fly over and check it out.

She told Dublin Gazette: “I don’t know how we managed to get him to come over but he’s coming. Now I’m both nervous and excited all at the same time.

“I’ve put a lot of work into it and hopefully he will see the potential. This is the dream. If it ends up on Broadway that is literally a dream come true.”

Despite her young age, Lauryn has already taken the musical she wrote while based in Boston on a J1 visa on a successful tour of the UK, US and Mexico.

Big Shot tells the story of savvy New York defence lawyer Jeremy Crocker who, despite his ambitions, falls in love with struggling Irish artist Carrie who works in his favourite cafe in downtown Manhattan.

The musical features a blend of upbeat tunes and poignant ballads and has won rave reviews from critics, representing Ireland in the San Diego International Fringe Festival.

Lauryn says music is in her blood and getting the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded creative souls every day does not in any way feel like work to her.

She said: “I always loved musicals. My dad used to have me watching musicals every weekend – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Grease, Oliver. Then I progressed onto Les Miserables, but Hamilton is probably my all-time favourite.

“Nowadays there’s so many genres including Rap, Pop and Rock. And the dancing has progressed, with Hip Hop and gymnastics thrown into the mix.”

Lauryn has also dabbled in the Pop industry, writing an album for a band called GGMK featuring her younger sister, Georgia, and Ronan Keating’s daughter, Missy.

But Friday, February 22, could be the day she gets her big break with a top US producer watching in the wings as she directs her own stage musical.

Tickets (€20/€22, are selling fast and Lauryn is determined to showcase her work and make the most of her moment in the spotlight.

She said: “This is so magical, I’m enjoying every second of it. It’s always been my dream and there was no point putting it on the back burner any longer.”

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