Locals urged to ‘lock out’ burglars

by Gazette Reporter

Lock up, and lock burglars out – that’s the message community organisations and local gardai are putting across to local residents in a bid to reduce burglaries in the area.
Safer Blanchardstown and gardai in Blanchardstown have developed the Lock Burglars Out initiative to urge people to lock all their windows and doors before leaving their homes, making it harder for burglars to target their properties.
Speaking to the Gazette this week, Philip Jennings of Safer Blanchardstown said one third of all burglaries are preventable, and so the initiative targets this.
“People are not taking the time to check their home security. They are rushing out the door to get a pint of milk, collect the kids from school, and are not locking up properly.
“Burglaries are up all over the country, not just in Blanchardstown, and that is an important point to stress. [This time of year] every home is a potential Aladdin’s cave for a burglar who can get in.
“Apart from children’s toys, people buy phones and electronic items which are very manoeuvrable. Burglars bring in a haversack or a sports bag and off they go.”
Last week, Safer Blanchardstown and Garda representatives were in the Blanchardstown Centre and Superquinn in Blanchardstown Village to promote the initiative and give advice on locking up.
“People thought it was a great idea… Some people may think their doors are locked, but one lock isn’t always enough,” explained Jennings.
“People have alarms and they don’t turn them on. That’s one thing – use them – because burglars don’t like noise. I know people say: ‘No-one responds to the noise when my alarm is going off’ but the burglar responds – he runs away.”
Philip went on to advise residents that if they have doubts that they locked up, to go back and check: “It can really make the difference in someone getting into your house or not.”
He also advised not to leave items on display. “Burglars look in, see it, they knock, no-one answers and they try to get in. If they see a window open they will just take the opportunity, jump in and take it.”
For tips about crime prevention, log onto www.saferblanchardstown.com or www.garda.ie

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