Live Register numbers down in the last year

by Gazette Reporter

The number of people signing on the Live Register in Blanchardstown has decreased by 974 in the last year.
The figures for November this year show that there were 6, 895 people signing on, this amounts to a reduction of 12.38% on the same period last year when there were 7, 869 people signing on.
Locally based Tanaiste and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has said the CSO figures are proof that the economic recovery is having an impact locally.
She said: “I am very encouraged to see that the numbers on the Live Register have fallen significantly compared to last year. The Labour Party’s number one focus in Government is job creation.
“Over 100,000 jobs have been created since this Government entered office. The recent announcement by Bristol Myers Squibb of a major investment in Cruiserath, resulting in up to 400 manufacturing jobs and 1,000 construction jobs, shows Dublin West is leading the way in attracting major foreign direct investment.
“We are ensuring that jobseekers have access to training and work experience, through job activation programmes. This helps boost their job skills and their chances of being hired.
“As Social Protection Minister I am determined to get unemployment down further and to get more people in Dublin West into good jobs.”
Cllr Jack Chambers (FF) said: “The reduction in numbers on the Live Register in the Dublin 15 area is a positive step for both the Dublin 15 community and the local economy and I hope we continue to see this trend accelerated over the coming months. However, it is important to note that the Dublin 15 Area had a relatively stagnant and insignificant reduction in numbers on the Live Register prior to this so it is essential to analyse these figures over years rather than in isolation.
“All unemployment figures fail to reflect the missing youth of today who have been forced to emigrate and the challenge for this Government and everyone in our political system is to build a future that brings this forgotten generation home and back into sustainable employment.
“More than 45% of those still signing on have been on the Live Register for a year or more. This creates a major difficulty in helping them get new jobs in the economy. It is the case that the number of long-term claimants is falling but it is falling at a far slower pace than those signing on for less than a year.”
Cllr Paul Donnelly (SF) has welcomed the reduction in unemployment, but says the data is further evidence of a developing two-tier economy both in terms of geography and income.
He said “Whilst the rate of unemployment is slowly moving in the right direction with a decrease in Blanchardstown of 974, there is much in the figures that should be of concern to Government and policymakers.
“Ireland has the third highest rate of underemployment in the European Union and today’s figures tell us 127,300 workers across the state remain underemployed.
“We know from the OECD’s recent Employment Outlook report that Ireland has the second highest percentage of low-paying jobs amongst the OECD countries.
“High levels of low pay and underemployment will fundamentally undermine the sustainability of the economic recovery and is deepening inequality. (These) figures show that for every job created under this Government’s watch five people have emigrated.”

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