Limits to cemetery access cause concern

by Gazette Reporter

A proposal to restrict the opening times of the main gate at Mulhuddart Cemetery, which includes its closure on Sundays, has been put on hold pending consultation with local representatives.
Friends and relatives visiting the graveside of loved ones were shocked to see a sign by Fingal County Council erected at the cemetery noting changes to its opening times.
The cemetery is currently accessible through the pedestrian gates, and this access will remain. However, the council proposed to close the main gates from 5pm to 8am, Monday to Saturday, but closed all day on Sunday from February 4.
In a statement to the Gazette, a Fingal spokesperson said it was proposed to close the vehicular access to the cemetery on Sundays from February 4 “in an attempt to reduce/eliminate the anti-social behaviour and vandalism of headstones [and] graves.
“However, this proposal has now been ‘deferred’pending consultation and discussion with the elected representatives at the February Services Area Committee meeting.”
Local politicians have voiced their opposition to the proposals.
“Sundays are an integral part of family schedules when they can visit loved ones which often happens after Mass. This is an issue which will and has upset a significant number of people in Mulhuddart and Blanchardstown,” Cllr David McGuinness (FF) said.
Dublin West Sinn Fein representative Paul Donnelly said he was shocked by the decision.
“I have been in contact with many residents who are deeply upset that they will not get an opportunity to visit the graves of their deceased loved ones on a Sunday,” he said.
However, he said the sign put up at the cemetery last week, which has since been taken down, was “completely misleading”.
“It leads one to believe that the cemetery will be closed on Sundays… however the small side gate will be open. This small concession is at least somewhat welcome however the limited access to parking facilities due to the fact that the main gate will be locked will create havoc along what is already a very dangerous road,” he added.
While discussions are ongoing, the cemetery will remain open as usual.

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