Husband’s gift of life leads to ‘miracle baby’

by Ian Begley

The proud mother of a “miracle baby” from Castleknock says if her husband had not donated a kidney to her, then her daughter would have never been born.
Sarah Dalton was diagnosed with kidney problems at the age of six and has undergone two kidney transplants.
She expressed much gratitude to the deceased donor for her first transplant which she received when she was 17.
Within a decade the transplant allowed her to finish school, graduate from music college and meet future husband Conor.
However, in 2012, Sarah returned to dialysis treatment meaning a second transplant was needed and in October 2013 the music teacher and Conor underwent a living donor kidney transplant at Beaumont Hospital.
The successful operation not only gave Sarah another chance at life, but allowed the couple to start a family, celebrating the birth of their new daughter in August.
“Anabelle is our miracle baby. I wouldn’t have been able to have children while on dialysis. We are besotted with her and it is all thanks to organ donation,” said Sarah.
The couple are now supporting an online Christmas radio station to share their gratitude for their four-month-old “miracle” baby, Anabelle.
Radio Snowflake is partnering with the Irish Kidney Association to provide a festive mix of seasonal sounds and ask listeners to reflect on the ultimate gift of life that organ donation gives.
Living donor transplants at Beaumont Hospital are on course to increase by 50% this year, according to the recently published National Kidney Transplant Annual Report for 2015.
The online radio station, has chosen the Irish Kidney Association as its charity partner to help raise awareness of the plight of people with organ failure and the vital importance of organ donation as well as highlighting the supports the organisation provides to patients and their families around Ireland.
Sprinkled amongst the festive music will be testimonials from people expressing their gratitude to their organ donors at Christmas for having received the ultimate gift, the gift of life through transplantation.
Listeners will be encouraged to get the organ donor card by Freetexting the word DONOR to 50050 or downloading the Donor Ecard App on their smartphone or by ticking their wishes on their driving licence application.

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