Homeowners banking on security of safe deposit storage

by Padraig Conlon

A sharp increase in burglaries across Fingal has seen the demand for safe deposit boxes rise, according to industry experts.

More and more householders in the north county are opting to move their
valuables out of the family home and bank them elsewhere for safe keeping.

The growing trend comes on foot of a spate of burglaries right across Fingal
over the past month –from Malahide and Swords to Blanchardstown and Castleknock.

One fed-up resident posted on Twitter just days ago:

“Multiple break-ins and attempted break-ins again last night in Malahide
with three gangs out at different times from 3am.

Happening every 3/4 days now with cars and possessions robbed.”

Warnings were issued to residents in west Dublin urging vigilance after
reports of thieves following shoppers laden with bags of goods bought in
the sales home.

Merrion Vaults, the first independent safe deposit box vault in Ireland, has
reported a significant increase in new clients from Fingal in the past
number of weeks.

Founder Seamus Fahy said more and more people were opting to store valuables off-site in preference to relying on a home safe for cash or valuables.

He said: “Once the valuables are in the home, the
risk remains. Burglars will get them.

The way to eliminate risk is to keep valuables off site in a safe
deposit box.

“Since Christmas we have seen a steady flow of homeowners from the
north Dublin area putting their valuables in our vaults.

“This provides them with peace of mind and can also contribute to reducing their annual home insurance bill.”

Seamus also advised all homeowners to check the terms of the cover for valuable jewellery items as some polices have strict
conditions linked to the cover.

He warned:

“If you put your expensive watch or engagement ring on the bedside locker when you go to sleep and it is stolen, you may not be covered, as some policies require that you either wear the item or store in a safe.”

Merrion Vaults provides clients with a secure safe deposit box for as little as €4 a week.

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