Fingal County Council to carry out emergency works in Portrane

by Gazette Reporter

Fingal County Council is set to carry out emergency works in Portrane, including protection works at Quay Road and the relocation of Seabees at Burrow beach.

The works are required following serious coastal erosion caused by storm force winds and strong tidal surges during the summer, and the recent removal and relocation of the seabees.

It is understood that engineering experts have recommended an extension of the existing rock armour defence by 50 metres along Quay Road to further protect the area during the winter.

Following the completion of rock armour, the demolition and removal of the existing toilets is planned. Temporary public toilets are expected to be installed during November.

In addition, Fingal County Council plans to relocate 70 seabees which were recently moved without authorisation causing damage to the dune system at Beach Lane.

Following review by expert engineers the Council intends to replace these Seabees to their optimal position in the sea defence system to continue to reduce and delay coastal erosion.

The Seabees were designed to reduce and delay coastal erosion and were put in place until a feasible and effective long-term solution is implemented.

The remedial works outlined above are to be undertaken under provisions of the Roads Act and will take approximately three weeks.

Expert engineers have prepared a plan outlining the options for addressing Coastal Flood Risk Management in the Rogerstown Estuary in response to the significant concerns regarding coastal erosion and coastal flooding in the Burrow Peninsula, Portrane and some of the coastal areas around Rush.

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