Fingal Chamber to hold meeting to look at impact of new airport charges

by Sylvia Pownall

Fingal Dublin Chamber will host a breakfast briefing this Thursday, May 30 to discuss the impact of the proposed reduced charges at Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport Authority has criticised the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) proposal to cut airport charges, claiming it puts its future development at risk.

CAR wants passenger charges levied on airlines by the DAA to be reduced to €7.50 per person by 2024 – a drop of 15% from the €8.81 maximum levied this year.

Fingal Chamber is warning that this could have a drastic effect on the local economy and could put thousands of jobs at risk.

The organisation is inviting businesses to attend a briefing from Dublin Airport head of planning and regulation, Simon Fagan, at the Dublin Airport Carlton Hotel.

A Chamber spokesperson said: “Dublin Airport is the international gateway to the island of Ireland.

“More than 31.5 million passengers travelled through the airport last year and with 23 new routes, passenger traffic is expected to grow further.

“To cope with this expected and future growth, Dublin Airport has presented a €1.8 billion investment programme to enable it to grow to 40 million passengers.

“The proposal includes no increase in passenger charges for five years, the duration of this regulatory period. CAR’s proposal to reduce airport charges by 22% puts this entire programme and the future development of Dublin Airport in doubt.”

CAR argues that the proposed reduction in airline charges is in the best interest of passengers to ensure value for money, which will result in lower fares and lead to growth at the airport.

However, DAA says it will jeopardise planned investments in new facilities including fast-track services and upgraded boarding areas which are needed to cope with growing demand.

Consultation on the proposed charge reduction continues until July 8.

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