Fears for safety after car hits Ongar house

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Fears have been expressed for the safety of local residents and schoolchildren after a car struck a house on Barry Lane in Ongar recently, causing structural damage.
Resident Frank McGrath said that a woman who was trying to park in front of his house pressed the accelerator instead of the brake by mistake, and drove into the front of his house.
Barry Lane is located opposite two primary schools, St Benedict’s National School and Castaheany Educate Together. Traffic becomes congested in the area during the opening and closing times of the schools.
“Although it was an accident and our property was damaged, there was nobody injured. But the potential of somebody being injured is great,” said McGrath.
“It’s not the first time that somebody has mounted the kerb and hit the railing. If that car had been a foot to the right, it would have come in through my front window.”
Frank said the ongoing traffic problems on Barry Lane include: people double- or triple-parking, bin collection trucks having no access to the bins, and damage to cars. In a separate incident recently, a woman reversed into Frank’s car and caused €1,200 worth of damage.
Councillor David McGuinness (FF) said that traffic lights and school wardens cannot be put in place, as the area has not been taken in charge by Fingal County Council.
“The two schools have been very supportive and want to have this issue resolved. The community gardai have patrolled the area and issued tickets, and FCC are working with receivers who now control the Ongar development in order to take the area in charge,” he said.
“I will put this issue down for discussion at the next FCC meeting to push council management to meet with the receivers about this specific problem,” he said.
Principal of St Benedict’s, Noreen Behan, said that she fears the situation will get worse when the weather gets colder as cars can skid on ice.
“We really would like Barry Lane, to be exempt completely from traffic at those hours,” she said. “We have a fantastic parent body and most people comply [with the rules].
“I am very, very worried that somebody will be knocked down and there’ll be a fatality, and I think it has to be addressed immediately. Parents will have to park elsewhere, and we would encourage parents to walk their children to school, or to walk them across [the road],” she said.
Castaheany Educate Together declined to comment.

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